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Rising to the Challenge

Rising to the Challenge: A High School Study of Leadership Today is a high school leadership curriculum dedicated to the idea that positive leadership can be learned. Rising to the Challenge is eligible to be offered in Texas high schools as an elective course for credit towards graduation. The course can be offered as both a semester and a year course.

One copy of Rising to the Challenge contains all of the materials needed for a teacher to present the materials to an unlimited number of students. We are excited to be able to offer the curriculum FREE of charge. To order your copy of Rising to the Challenge, please contact the John Ben Shepperd Public Leadership Institute at (432) 552-2850 or jbs@utpb.edu or complete the ORDER FORM.

Sample Exercises:

Each of the following sample exercises are included in Rising to the Challenge and demonstrate some of the key elements of the study of leadership. All of the exercises are in PDF format. Permission is granted for viewing and reproduction in an educational setting only. Permission is needed for use in settings not dealing with education.

Driven to Distraction:

Leadership Styles:

Motivating Yourself and Others:

Observing Organized Community Service: