Mission and Vision

The Mission of the John Ben Shepperd Public Leadership Institute is to provide young Texans an education for and about leadership, ethics and public service.

The Goal of the Institute is to develop a well-rounded leadership program to improve Texans’ personal leadership skills, develop their sense of community responsibility, and educate them on the importance of ethics and public service. Public service and coming together to solve community concerns is an uniquely American and Texas characteristics.

Our Challenge is how best to prepare Texans to accept leadership responsibility and lead the state into a bright future. To meet our challenge, the Institute offers the JBS Crisis Leadership and Learning Center, the Shepperd Distinguished Lecture Series, the Texas Leadership Forum in Austin (including an awards ceremony recognizing outstanding leaders throughout the State of Texas), the JBS Leadership Roundup Series, and the Shepperd EDGE and Rising to the Challenge training materials.

For more information, please contact the Institute
432-552-2850 or jbs@utpb.edu