George’s Last Ride

This poem, by an unknown author, celebrates the struggle against Duval County Sherriff George Parr, including the role played by then-Attorney General John Ben Shepperd and Texas Governor Allan Shivers

George’s Last Ride – (We Hope)


Listen, my friends, and you shall hear,
Of the Duke of Duval and his reign of fear.
On a cold dark night, this wise old smarty,
Did spy on a meeting of the Freedom Party;
He sat in his car, on Jim Wells land,
And since has been known as the “Binocular Man.”
Now for this man don’t shed any tear,
For this folly led him to a twist of an ear.

The very next morning, this warrior bold
Walked into the courthouse, so it is told.
Strutted into court with a chip on his shoulder,
Never thinking he’d meet with a ranger much bolder.
He answered “not guilty” when asked for his plea,
Walked out in the hall and met ranger Allee!

Then old George, and his nephew Archie,
Had a manner both bold and starchy,
Cussed the rangers and pulled a gun,
Archie hit Bridges, and started the fun.
In this melee some knuckles got dusted,
And the bold, bad sheriff got his glasses busted!
And oh! How the public did laugh and sneer,
For the Great Duke George got a bloody ear!

To Duval one day went our district attorney,
He thought he was safe, on such a short journey.
While drinking coffee at a wayside inn,
This smart-alec lawyer at a ranger did grin.
He should never have laughed as he did, with a sneer,
For he got taken outside and kicked in the rear!

Tales have been told of George and his bounty,
Now we know he did it by robbing the county.
He thought he was safe, this man and his booty,
He could tell the judge just what was his duty.
He ignored the people in all their fury;
With the judge in his power, George picked the jury!

Now comes the tale of this judge they call Woody,
Whose reputation is now quite sooty.
This smart little man had spots like a leopard,
And all were brought out by John Ben Shepperd.
The high court of Texas dug out the soot,
Kicked him out of office and put in Broadfoot!

This leaves poor George stirring in fury,
He may come to trial and can’t pick the jury!
I think that sometimes he must get the quivers,
For Shepperd’s still after him, and so is A. Shivers!
They’ve sworn they will get him, and Georgie will fall,
They’ll run this Great State of Texas for the good of us all!