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Ben Stein, Ray Perryman, and Richard Bowen – Guests Speaker at JBS Distinguished Lecture Series

We are pleased to announce the topic and guest speakers for the next John Ben Shepperd Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS). The title is: Blurred Lines: Are U.S. Fiscal and Monetary Policies Mutually Supportive or Mutually Destructive? The focus will be on how monetary policy (central bank) and fiscal policy (government decisions) affect our lives and our future. How do both unite to influence the performance of the economy in the short and long term? Have the lines of distinction blurred between them in the past few years (since the 2008 crisis)? Where did we go wrong and how can we find a better way forward for all of us?

The DLS will take place on Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 7:00 PM. It will be held at the Wagner-Noël Performing Arts Center, 1310 N FM 1788, Midland, TX 79707. Pat Canty, Publisher of the Odessa American and Bob Brescia, Executive Director of the John Ben Shepperd Public Leadership Institute will co-moderate the panel. The event is free and open to the public – no tickets required.

The DLS Panel consists of Ben Stein, Ray Perryman, and Richard Bowen. See: http://shepperdinstitute.com/events/distinguished-lecture-series/upcoming-lectures/ for details!