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JBS “Design the Sign” Contest!

The John Ben Shepperd Public Leadership Institute invites you to participate in our “Design the Sign” contest!

We want to replace the current sign that stands in front of our building with a new, LED electronic marquee sign. This will enable us to more fully distribute information about our events and other goings-on. We can also run information about our corporate sponsors and friends of the Institute on the new electronic sign.

Rather than just do the usual sign and structural design around it, we thought that we should do something more distinctive and different. After all, we want the JBS to stand out and put a little “wow factor” in the sign structure. Therefore, we would like to start a design contest to come up with something innovative and smart.

There are prizes! For all of the necessary information, please visit: http://shepperdinstitute.com/specialevents/design-the-sign-contest-ends-march-27-2015/