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JBS mourns the passing of Alan Colmes

JBS mourns the passing of our friend Alan Colmes who passed away today at the age of 66. Alan was a guest of ours last September 30, 2016. He and Judge Jeanine Pirro verbally sparred on the Wagner Noel stage for a great JBS Distinguished Lecture. That same night, Marianne and I hosted them for dinner.

We knew then that Alan was fighting illness. He bravely went on with the show while he was feeling increasingly sick. That was the kind of person he was – always doing for others and fulfilling his responsibilities no matter what.

Alan was a gentleman of the highest caliber. His wit and humor were exemplary and his wisdom without parallel. He offered to write the foreword to Destination Greatness and was very pleased to provide a strong endorsement. He was indeed a great American and we will miss him.

I’m reminded of John Ben’s famous speech ending when I think of Alan:

To be born free is an accident.
To live free is a responsibility.
But to die free is an obligation.

Alan fulfilled all three. May God bless and keep Alan Colmes with Him always and our condolences to his wife, Jocelyn Crowley.