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New JBS Corporate Sponsor – Western National Bank (WNB)

The John Ben Shepperd Public Leadership Institute (JBS) and Western National Bank (WNB) today announce their partnership in a mutual goal to enhance leadership capabilities throughout the Permian Basin and the state of Texas. Both organizations strongly believe that teaching leadership to young Texans will enhance and support the accelerated growth we are seeing in our west Texas communities. According to WNB CEO Jack Wood, “WNB believes in giving back to the community and increasing the opportunities of every young person to grow and prosper as our region does.” John Ben Shepperd Executive Director, Dr. Robert Brescia added, “We acknowledge and admire WNB’s demonstrated leadership in this community. We look forward to a long association with WNB and working together with them to strengthen public leadership throughout Texas.”

The John Ben Shepperd Public Leadership Institute provides young Texans an education for and about leadership, ethics and public service. The goal of the Institute is to develop a well-rounded leadership program to improve Texans’ personal leadership skills, develop their sense of community responsibility, and educate them on the importance of ethics and public service. To meet our challenge, the Institute offers: Practical Leadership Workshops, The Shepperd Inner Circle, The Shepperd EDGE, Rising to the Challenge, Texas Leadership Educators Workshop, Shepperd Distinguished Lecture Series, The Texas Leadership Forum in Austin with awards recognizing outstanding leaders throughout the State of Texas. For more information, please visit http://shepperdinstitute.com

The mission of the Western National Bank is to provide customers with superior financial services, provide employees with a working environment that rewards personal character and professional skills, and provide its communities with financial leadership. Its principal market strategy is one of differentiating itself from its competitors by offering a high level of personalized service. Western National Bank is owned by a family of entrepreneurs who understand the risks and rewards of building a business. From humble beginnings, the Wood family continues to display the character and fortitude that provide the foundation for remarkable success. Widely known for energy and commercial lending, Western National Bank’s experienced officers provide not only loan expertise but sound advice. For more information, please visit https://www.wnbonline.com/