Bush House

The Archives features a restored home of our 41st and 43rd Presidents, George H.W. Bush and his son George W. Bush and Barbara Bush, wife of George H. W. and mother of George W. when they lived in Odessa in 1948. It has been authentically restored to look like Christmas morning 1948 when George W. was two years old. It was the family’s first Christmas away from their East Coast friends and family. They came to Odessa to learn the oil business. Then, in 1949, the family moved to California and returned to Odessa’s sister city Midland in the early 1950’s where George W. would later meet and marry Laura. The home will bring back fond memories for all “Baby Boomers” and lovers of the American dream!

Come experience this outstanding memorial to the men who have led America into the twenty-first century as the beacons of liberty throughout the world.