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Practical Leadership Programs

People follow leaders. It is not enough to “know” about leadership because leadership is not simply theory—it is action. Leaders must know what to expect and how to respond to a variety of challenges.

In addition to the curriculum and training materials provided through the website, the John Ben Shepperd Public Leadership Institute provides practical leadership training tailored to particular groups. These programs are designed to teach the basics of leadership and provide the tools necessary to create positive change in all areas of life. Sessions are practical and interactive. They are “hands-on”, and network driven.

Transferable leadership concepts are acquired through demonstrations, role-playing, question and answer sessions, and practical applications. The over-riding goal of each workshop is to enhance the everyday, practical skills required to lead effectively and efficiently in any environment. From the workshops, participants will gain valuable new insights, new behaviors, and new relationships with other future leaders.

The Institute also hosts informative town hall meetings with many local elected officials, and partners with the Nonprofit Management Center of the Permian Basin to provide a Nonprofit Executive Leadership Certification.