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Texas Leadership Hall Of Fame

R.E. Spradlin III

2016 Outstanding Local Leader

R.E. Spradlin III is in the forefront of insuring growth, economic prosperity and quality of life for the citizens of Kilgore and East Texas. His public service, philanthropy, business experience, integrity, work ethic, volunteerism and respected leadership exemplify the qualities conjured by the term “Outstanding Local Leader.” He champions all segments of his community, region and state. R. E. “Ronnie” Spradlin’s leadership spans a spectrum of cultural, educational, professional, political and philanthropic endeavors throughout Kilgore and East Texas. For decades he has worked tirelessly to improve life for his family, friends, neighbors, fellow businessmen, community members, youngsters and the less fortunate. His footprints are found all over town, sometimes as a quiet volunteer serving alongside fellow citizens and sometimes as the bold beacon who organizes visionary efforts to address deficiencies in the community. Ronnie’s leadership brings individuals of diverse environments together to create synergy that enhances everyone’s quality of life.